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AgFlex bags

Agflex bags provide the perfect in-field storage solution for grain and silage. Available in a variety of sizes, they offer complete flexibility in the field as well as on the farm, with capacity tailored to the size of harvest.

Agflex bags are manufactured using 7-layer smartstructure technology, which gives them excellent strength and durability for a reliable, long-term performance, including high puncture and tear resistance and full barrier protection of their contents from both the harshest of winter and the hottest of heat climates.

Fully field tested, these high-performance bags are ideal for dry or wet grains, crimped grains, silage and industrial by-products such as malt and bran, and also solid fertilisers and compost.

AgFlex bags can be used in many different end market applications, including:

Features and Benefits

  • 7 layer smartstructure
  • 50% greater tear and puncture strength compared to traditional 3 layer bags
  • High oxygen barrier
  • Tough – strong – versatile
  • Fully recyclable  (in countries where a recycling scheme exists)
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