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bpi Bontite

A new generation of high performance pallet stretch wrap, combining all the benefits of conventional blown films with the key advantages of cast stretch film. Incredibly versatile pallet protection - delivering up to 300% stretch.

Manufactured using special polymers and advanced production technology. bpi Bontite is ideally suited to the bottled products, but is also suitable for use on a wide variety of palletised goods from light, easily damaged items to heavier and more awkward loads, delivering maximum load stability while optimising cost per wrapped pallet.

bpi Bontite unites the enhanced clarity and low unwind noise benefits of a cast film with the strength and durability of a blown variant. This impressive strength, excellent film adhesion and exceptional load holding characteristics mean Bontite outperforms the capability of typically heavier gauge films, particularly at lower stretch levels. 

bpi Bontite can be used in many different end market applications, including:

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced production technology - delivering the highest quality products 
  • Enhanced clarity - goods more easily visible 
  • High slip on the outside - prevents pallet adhesion 
  • Low noise benefit - quieter applications
  • Fantastic load stability - improved health & safety standards

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