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bpi Tube

bpi Tube is a high-performance FFSForm, Fill & seal film designed for automatic machines and high-speed production.

bpi Tube combines excellent visual impact with outstanding filling characteristics to create packaging that sells. Its robust construction and hard-wearing finish ensures product integrity in harsh environments while the photographic finish of its print process delivers unbeatable depth and clarity.

Options include ten colour printing and flat or side-gusseted formats, while for powder products bpi Tube Plus offers an enhanced sealing performance to maintain seal integrity.

Also available containing Sustane®. A unique range of premium polymer compounds made from recycled plastic.

bpi Tube can be used in many different end market applications, including:

Features and Benefits

  • Tubular film - outstanding filling characteristics (up to 2,600 bags / hour)
  • High visual impact - create packaging that sells
  • Photographic finish - unbeatable depth and clarity
  • Extremely durable - maintains performance in the harshest of environments
  • Many options available - print in HDHigh-definition up to 10 colours, flat or side-guesseted, micro perforations, anti-slip
  • bpi Tube plus - improved sealing performance, suitable for powdery products
  • Laminated version available (e.g. PEPolyethylene / AluAluminium / PEPolyethylene) - easily protect moisture sensitive products or goods
  • Barrier version possible - create fat or gas barriers (e.g. PAPolyamide = nylon and/or EVOHEthylene Vinyle Alcohol)
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