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Mulch and Carrot Film

The Panda range of films will help to make the winter season and colder months much easier to deal with, to improve the yield and quality of crops. Mulch film covers the ground to raise soil temperatures and help increase crop yields; Carrot film allows the winter ground storage of carrots and other root vegetables, when used in combination with a blanket of straw; and Internal Greenhouse films provide effective cladding and thermal gain to maximise greenhouse use during the winter.

Mulch and Carrot Film can be used in many different end market applications, including:

Features and Benefits


  • Increases soil temperature
  • Assists with moisture retention
  • Helps with cleaner crop harvesting
  • Reduces weeds

Carrot film

  • Protection from frost and harsh weather conditions
  • Unspoilt crop and the harvesting period is extended

Internal Greenhouse films

  • Internal floor coverings that are highly reflective
  • Make the best use of all available light, which contributes to crop ripening, growth and yield
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