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Securap and Securap+

Our Securap range is the ideal partner for compacting balers and wrapping machinery that provides a cost-effective handling, storage and transportation solution for all types of fragmented waste materials.

These lightweight polythene films help to effectively compress the waste materials, reducing the volume of wrapped matter and making them much easier to handle. And this further compression of the bale reduces oxygen ingress to slow the rate of deterioration and minimise any unpleasant odours resulting from this.

Securap and Securap+ can be used in many different end market applications, including:

Features and Benefits


  • Compact and weatherproof
  • Minimised odours
  • Easy to handle, store and transport

Securap Plus

  • Covers compressed baled waste from edge to edge
  • Retains shape
  • More compacted bale allows inclusion of more waste
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