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Our Visqueen range of sheeting provides a choice of solutions to deliver complete silage protection, combining a robust construction with ease of use.

Side Wall sheeting can significantly reduce silage spoilage. Clingseal is a flexible vacuum sheet that is used directly beneath traditional silage sheets, clinging to the surface of the clamp to help to eliminate air pockets and providing a close-fitting barrier to considerably reduce top and shoulder losses from aerobic spoilage.

Visqueen Agri-S is a high strength silage top sheet, delivering UV protection and weather resistance for up to 12 months to ensure reliable and long-lasting protection. Made with 5 and 7 layer extrusion technologies, the strong but lightweight sheets are easy to unfold and apply and can withstand the toughest conditions and day-to-day rigours of farm working.

Sheeting can be used in many different end market applications, including:

Features and Benefits

Side Wall sheeting

  • High resistance to weathering
  • Easy to apply and long lasting
  • Significant reduction in side spoilage


  • Enhanced protection
  • Eliminates air pockets in the clamp
  • Easy to apply, can be walked on

Visqueen Agri-S and Agri-S Premium Plus

  • Significantly stronger silage sheet
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Easy to apply and longer lasting
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