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Always Improving Recyclability

7th December 2020 by Berry bpi packaging solutions

We believe that it is essential that every product that we place onto the market is capable of being recovered and recycled into second life products.

This is to ensure that valuable resources are captured and retained within a circular economy, in line with the principles of initiatives such as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation of which Berry Global is a member.

Berry bpi packaging solutions has therefore targeted all products to be recyclable by 2023.

To help both us and our customers achieve this goal, we have developed a unique Circular Economy Design tool which combines our many years of recycling experience with our industry leading expertise in designing highly technical polyethylene films. By taking care and attention at the start of the design cycle, we ensure that not only are our products designed to be recycled, but through the use of our Design Tool we seek to minimise the use of inks and adhesives, which means these materials can be remade into higher quality second life products.

Within Berry bpi Packaging Solutions, our highly innovative X-Enviro Range of products offer the ability for barrier films to be recycled. By removing or reducing the non-recyclable barrier elements of moisture (MVTR) and oxygen (OTR) transfer, whilst at the same time retaining product performance, X-Enviro offers customers technical alternatives to traditional PET / PP films, or films containing high levels of non-recyclable EVOH.

Click here to read more about our X-Enviro Laminate and X-Enviro Shield products.

We are not simply looking to make all of our products recyclable, but to design them so that, once recovered, they can be remade into products that previously relied on prime polymers, thereby creating the essential demand for the recycled polymers. We view it as our mission to ensure that the value embedded in our products is retained and reused at the highest possible level within the recycling value chain.

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