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HAWITA Flat Film Made With 80% Sustane®

2nd December 2020 by Berry bpi packaging solutions

The HAWITA Group is a globally operating company with more than 400 employees, eight production sites and over 4,500 ha of moorland in Germany and the Baltic states. 

The company has an 80-year history and today is one of the premium manufacturers of modern horticultural products across Europe.

HAWITA’s product portfolio serves the “green sector” ranging from gardening enthusiasts to professional horticulturalists. With the name and motto ‘Your plants in good hands’, HAWITA represents an innovative spirit, top products, customer orientation and complete logistics.

The Challenge - HAWITA was looking for a new flat film made with a high recycled plastic content to meet its sustainability targets. It was essential that the flat film enabled an excellent print quality and was suitable for use on the company’s existing machinery.

The Solution - Berry bpi packaging solutions created a NorDiFill® flat film for HAWITA which contained 80% Sustane®, a unique range of premium polymer compounds made from recycled plastic. Sustane®  delivers a high level of technical performance, which allows it to be used in a wide range of applications which previously used prime polymer.

Outcome - NorDiFill® ECO is a high quality and high performing flat film. It is comparable to virgin material and HAWITA is unable to detect any differences in its processing and performance.

As a green producer HAWITA has to be seen to use packaging with a strong environmental profile, but which does not  compromise the quality of its products. Thanks to NorDiFill® ECO, incorporating Sustane® NOREC®, the company has achieved the maximum recycled content without losing quality.

HAWITA is a very happy and satisfied customer and plans to switch its complete product range into bags made from NorDiFill® ECO flat film.

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