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A Shining Example of Recyclability

10th January 2021 by Berry bpi packaging solutions

Berry bpi has successfully developed a recyclable alternative to traditional laminated films using the knowledge and expertise from the production of its proven FormiFor film.

The new X-Enviro Laminate is a PE laminated film that combines design for recyclability with excellent point of sale impact to provide an alternative to traditional PET/PE and OPET/PE laminated films.

“Using the FormiFor capabilities from our plant in Roeselare, combined with the lamination technique in Steinfeld, we are able to create finished mono material laminates,” explains Dries Devlaminck, R&D Engineer, Berry bpi.

The high gloss finish of the film delivers a superior look and feel to further enhance brand image and on-shelf presence. In addition, the film’s excellent stiffness and strength enables stand-up pouches to be produced.

Developments are also underway to further enhance the material’s capabilities.  

“X-Enviro Laminate can be recycled in appropriate collection schemes but we want to produce a film containing recycled content as well,” says Michael Kreymborg, Head of R&D, Berry bpi.

“Successful trials of a backing film with 50% recycled content have already been achieved and we will continue this work in the coming months,” he concludes.

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