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Recycled Content in Berry's Sustane® Supports Customer's Sustainability Targets

30th March 2022 by Berry bpi Packaging Solutions

Packaging film from Berry bpi packaging solutions incorporating its Sustane® recycled polymer is helping Klasmann-Deilmann Group, one of the world’s leading substrate manufacturers, achieve its ambitious climate protection targets.

Consistent sustainable development is central to Klasmann-Deilmann’s business and as well as its premium quality growing media, this applies equally to its packaging. The company’s longstanding partnership with Berry bpi packaging solutions had already seen Berry successfully reduce the film thickness to minimise material usage, and Klasmann-Deilmann was therefore very interested in the opportunities offered by incorporating recycled material.

Sustane® polymers are made from post-consumer packaging and promises the highest levels of technical performance, consistency, traceability and quality. Sustane® is a unique solution to increase the use of sustainable materials within plastic products, setting new standards and providing products with recycled content to the packaging industry.

The polymer offers excellent sealability and is able to cope with high-speed filling lines. Reliable seal integrity and high tear resistance provides effective product protection and avoid leakage and wastage throughout the supply chain.

For Klasmann-Deilmann, these benefits were exactly in line with the company’s packaging requirements.

“To achieve ambitious climate protection targets the selection of raw materials is crucial. This applies to our growing media, and also to our packaging – additionally in seeking a more sustainable solution for the logistics and handling of our heavy products could not be at the expense of overall performance,” explained Dr Jan Köbbing, head of sustainability management at Klasmann-Deilmann.

“Our requirements were very clear. The film had to be puncture and tear-resistant, welds had to be quickly applied and stable, the film had to run smoothly through machinery and over conveyers, whilst at the same time it was essential that the flat film produced a high print quality.”

The solution from Berry bpi packaging solutions was a film incorporating 30% Sustane®. Its high level of technical performance has enabled Klasmann-Deilmann to adopt the film for a wide range of applications where previously virgin polymer was used.

“We are increasing the use of our Sustane® films throughout the business. There are no processing differences with manufacturing performance and quality is comparable to virgin material,” concluded Jan Köbbing. “We are very satisfied with this innovative and sustainable solution, which is helping us to reduce emissions, use recycled material and therefore become an even ‘greener’ producer of growing media. Our plan is to eventually switch our entire product range into packaging made with Sustane®.”

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