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Sustane® – The Possibilities for Recycled Plastic are Endless

Our high quality, high performance recycled polymer is ideal for a wide variety of applications, helping companies to improve the environmental profile of their products.

A Recycled Polymer For The Modern World

Plastic is a valuable resource. It should never be wasted or discarded. That’s why we developed Sustane®.

Taking used plastics from different sources, our technical expertise and longstanding knowledge ensures that Sustane® not only delivers consistently high levels of technical performance but can also be recycled.

Using Sustane®, companies are able to source packaging that conforms to circular economy principles. And as part of this, we can develop closed loop recycling systems to return used Sustane® directly to us for reprocessing back into new polymer.

Sustane® saves natural resources, reduces plastic going to landfill - and less waste also helps to protect our waterways and oceans.

Sustane® - Our Unique Premium Recycled Polymer

Sustane® delivers high levels of technical performance, allowing its use in a wide range of applications where previously prime polymer was used.

Recycled Materials


High quality recycled material to replace prime polymer



Full EucertPlast certification ensures consistent quality and full traceability of Sustane®



Our in-house capacity annually recycles over 135,000 tonnes of waste plastic


Meet the requirements

Mitigate UK plastic tax for non-food contact packaging

Sustane® is a Unique Product

Our in-house capacity to annually recycle over 135,000 tonnes of waste plastic enables us to manufacture various grades of Sustane®. Full EucertPlast certification ensures consistent quality and full traceability of Sustane®


A Practical Solution on Every Level

In April 2022, the Plastic Packaging Tax came into force in the UK. This is a tax that applies to plastic packaging produced in, or imported into the UK, that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic.

Sustane® will enable companies to meet the requirement for recycled plastic in their packaging. Just as important, it also allows them to benefit from plastics’ many other qualities – including its strength, light weight, and ability to protect and preserve – as an integral part of the development of fit for purpose solutions.

All companies want to take a responsible approach to protecting our world for future generations. Sustane® plays a valuable role in achieving this.

Contact us to see how Sustane® can help with your packaging requirements.

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