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Increasing the Recycled Content of our Products

23rd November 2020 by Berry bpi packaging solutions

With our extensive expertise in recycling and the development of highly technical films, Berry bpi is uniquely positioned to meet the challenge of increasing recycled content in products and applications currently met by using prime polymers.

The demand from consumers for even higher levels of recycled content, along with the need not to compromise on standards of technical performance and to comply with regulations such as food safety, are not insignificant challenges for the recycling and film manufacturing sectors. Through involvement in industry wide projects such as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and working closely with pan European recycled content protocols such as Plastics Recycling Europe’s Recyclass, our technical teams are well placed to partner with our customers to successfully create the next generation of high-performance recycled films.

With an average recycled content of 15% across our products already, it is our goal to reach an average of 30% recycled content across all bpi products by 2024. A key tenet of this strategy is the continued development of our Sustane® premium polymer compounds made from recycled plastic. Sustane® is a material unique to bpi, delivering a high level of technical performance whilst being suitable for use in a wide range of applications where previously prime polymer was used. Sustane® has been carefully developed by utilising our longstanding knowledge of and expertise in recycling.

Throughout Berry bpi, Sustane® polymer is now being successfully used in many applications. 

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