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bpi Blown Stretch Film

Bpi Blown Stretch Films are produced using the blown manufacturing process and offer excellent strength and ease of application. As well as the ability to stretch to up to 200%, our blown films benefit from a high tack outer face and a low tack inner face. High slip versions are also available to help eliminate inter-pallet adhesion. 

Along with their superior stretch and tack characteristics, the stretch films also offer excellent pallet protection and puncture resistance, making them ideal for the most demanding of storage and transportation requirements. The highest standards in manufacturing and rigorous quality control procedures ensure long term reliability and performance.

The range is suitable for both hand stretch wrap and machine applications, and hand reel formats are available on extended, standard or plastic cores for maximum flexibility.

bpi Blown Stretch Film can be used in many different end market applications, including:

Features and Benefits

  • Easy application - increased working efficiencies 
  • Exceptional stretch and tack - excellent performance characteristics
  • Available with high-slip- eliminate inter-pallet adhesion 
  • Suitable for hand and machine application - diverse application options

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