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FormiFor Insulation

We are one of Europe's most experienced manufacturers of compression film. FormiFor insulation is an exceptionally high quality product, meeting very specific packaging demands of the insulation, glasswool and stonewool products markets. 

Its lightweight structure uses up to 50% less material in comparison with other traditional packaging films, ensuring manufacturers benefit from an increased packing yield, and lower warehousing and transport costs per product.

Its high compression rate means FormiFor Insulation film wrapped products occupy less space, relieving storage pressures in the factory and reducing transportation costs. Additionally this will result in using fewer reels for the same application, resulting in less machine changes in production, maximising productivity and minimising downtime.

Available with printing in up to ten colours, ensuring maximum brand impact with vivid and vibrant designs, FormiFor Insulation is the go to packaging film for insulation products, incuding stonewool and glasswool.

Also available containing Sustane®. A unique range of premium polymer compounds made from recycled plastic.

FormiFor Insulation can be used in many different end market applications, including:

Features and Benefits

  • High compression rate - occupy less space and reduce transportation costs
  • Light weight and thinner gauge material using up to 50% less material
  • Print in up to ten colours - fantastic brand and product presence
  • FormiFor Insulation in an ultra-performance film with high weld and holding force characteristics
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