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bpi Stretch Hoods

We are one of the market leading producers of stretch hoods in Europe.

Quality manufacturing and technical excellence underpin our range of high strength stretch hoods to ensure a reliable performance in every application.

Exceptionally strong and versatile and available in large formats, bpi Stretch offers excellent pallet stability, with the strength to hold large loads securely in place while avoiding any creasing or weak spots.

The films are fully compatible with a wide variety of application machines and have the flexibility to be tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. This includes the availability of UV-stabilisers or barriers for added product protection.

For full personalisation and effective branding, the films can also be printed.

bpi Stretch provides the perfect cost-effective high-performance solution to deliver the necessary product protection and load stability that meet the storage and transportation requirements of today’s fast-paced supply chains.

bpi Stretch Hoods can be used in many different end market applications, including:

Features and Benefits

  • Strong and versatile - creating safer pallet protection and load stability
  • Large formats and customer options available - avoid creasing and weak spots, tailor your perfect product
  • UV barriers available - product protection assured
  • Broad range of machine compatibility - versatility as standard 
  • Print and personalisation options - showcase your products and brand
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