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bpi Sheet

We are one of the largest producers of VFFSVertical Form, Fill & Seal and FFSForm, Fill & seal sheet films in Europe.

Our extensive manufacturing capability enables our sheet film range is as broad as the applications it serves.

Create visually impactful packaging with our high-performance film, bpi Sheet. Offering superior photographic finish of excellent depth and clarity, the film helps you to make your mark with quality product branding. 

Options include ten colour printing in widths up to 1650mm for maximum personalisation and brand identity, giving your packaging the edge.

Also available containing Sustane®. A unique range of premium polymer compounds made from recycled plastic.

bpi Sheet can be used in many different end market applications, including:

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for VFFSVertical Form, Fill & Seal packing lines - rapid filling automation 
  • High visual impact - create packaging that sells your products
  • Photographic finish - unbeatable depth and clarity
  • Hard wearing - integrity in the harshest of environments
  • Many finishing options - 10 colours, widths up to 1650mm, white, natural, coloured, flat film, centre folded, high and low slip
  • Many manufacturing options - laminated film version available, e.g. PEPolyethylene/AluAluminium/PEPolyethylene to protect moisture sensitive goods
  • Barrier versions possible - create fat or gas barriers /PAPolyamide = nylon and/or EVOHEthylene Vinyle Alcohol
  • Food safe and compliant – suitable for food grade applications
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