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bpi Pre-Stretch

Our next generation of pre-stretched films use advanced formulations to create products that are thinner and lighter than traditional stretch films while still delivering exceptional levels of strength, performance and versatility.

Pre-stretched films are stretched during the manufacturing process, meaning there is not as much elasticity and tackiness as in a regular film roll. As well as being lighter, the film allows more consistent wrapping because the process does not rely on the operation to evenly stretch the film.

The high strength at lower weight also enables users to achieve secure wrapping for load stability and pallet protection using less film. Importantly, this reduces the amount of packaging for recycling after use.

Films are available for both manual and machine applications. In particular, the films’ light weight means less effort is required during the manual wrapping process.

Up to half the thickness of conventional films, bpi Pre-Stretch films take up less storage space and can also be specified in coreless versions.

bpi Pre-Stretch can be used in many different end market applications, including:

Features and Benefits

  • Technologically superior - thinner and lighter (5um, industry average is 17um)
  • Orientated film - secure, strong and more stable loads 
  • Pre-Stretch film - reduced storage required due to more material per roll
  • Manual and machine applications - greater versatility and broader use
  • Easy, non-strenuous application - improved health & safety 
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